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About MHSI

Men across the globe lag behind in terms of health and suffer in Silence. The Global gap in lifespan is now 3 to 5 years and widening. The MHSI aims to make men aware about their health needs and establish friendly facilities that serve manhood in all its aspects.


Redefining the Way 
Men Move

Men have been living with the image of being strong and muscular and invincible. Chasing the image of the Herculean times men globally feet uncomfortable to show their human side. Like females men too fall sick and get tired. They are stressed by their highly demanding jobs and need to feed the family and the high risk taking that most jobs involve.

with this as the background research rightly points out that men live much less than women. Their lifespan is 3 to 5 years less than women and men fall prey more commonly to lifestyle diseases. Adding to this is the genetic inferiority of men to diseases and environmental hazards and the high incidence of substance abuse.

With this being said it is time to better understand pressures of men and their vulnerability to health hazards and work towards spreading awareness and work for our Menfolk !

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Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

MHSI is founded and managed by some of the top names in the field of Men's Health. Our leadership is on a constant lookout for newer talent that wants to make a difference in the lives of fellow men.

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